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21/06 Friday

Finasteride in the usual
practise of trichologists

Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without

Finasteride in the usual practise of trichologists

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21/06 Friday

Eyebrows are hair too.
What they suffer and
how to treat them

«If you wipe away your tears, you accidentally erase your eyebrows, then more tears»

Eyebrows are hair too

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22/06 Saturday

How to save the follicle
in cicatricial alopecia

«Тhey die in us when we are alive. this is a challenge, but it should not be suffering for us»

How to save the follicle<br> in cicatricial alopecia

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Scientific program

  • June 20
  • June 21
  • June 22

Trichoscopy course

  • First chair: Antonella Tosti (USA)
  • Chair: Bianca Maria Piraccini (Italy)
  • Co-chair: Michela Starace (Italy), Tatiana Silyuk (Russia)
09:00 10:00

Registration, morning coffee

10:00 11:30

session I

10:00 10:10
RHRS Congress opening ceremony.

Tatiana Silyuk (Russia), Andrei Panteleyev (Russia)

10:10 10:25
trichoscopy as a method of hair cryptoanalysis

Tatiana Silyuk (Russia)

sponsored by Premium Aesthetics

10:25 10:55
trichoscopy how, when and why?

Antonella Tosti (USA)

10:55 11:30
four variants of non-scarring patches
  • trichotillomania and its rare variants
  • traction alopecia
  • scalp mycoses
  • alopecia areata

Bianca Maria Piraccini (Italy)

11:30 11:45

break 15 minutes

session II

11:45 12:30
interactive round-table discussion: diffuse alopecia areata or alopecia areata incognita

Antonella Tosti (USA), Bianca Maria Piraccini (Italy), Michela Starace (Italy), Tatiana Silyuk (Russia)

12:30 13:30

Lunch (buffet) 1 hour

13:30 15:00

session III

four types of cicatricial alopecia and classic inflammatory scalp diseases
lichen planopilaris and its variants.

Tatiana Silyuk (Russia)

discoid lupus erythematosus

Andrei Doroshkevich (Russia)

erosive pustular dermatosis of the scalp

Michela Starace (Italy)

folliculitis decalvans and Hoffman disease

Svetlana Ledentsova (Russia)

keynote lecture. classic inflammatory scalp diseases: seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis

Antonella Tosti (USA)

15:00 15:30

coffee break

15:30 17:05

session IV

androgenetic alopecia and beyond
androgenetic alopecia

Antonella Tosti (USA)

infections and infestations

Bianca Maria Piraccini (Italy)

hair shaft disorders

Michela Starace (Italy)

pitfalls in trichoscopy

Antonella Tosti (USA)

quiz: a trichoscopic enigma

Tatiana Silyuk (Russia)

Интерактивный конкурс: трихоскопическая энигма
17:05 17:35

coffee break

17:35 18:55

session V

chairs: Tatiana Korolkova, Raymond Karls (Latvia)

17:35 - 18:05 topical therapy options
17:35 17:45
drug application points in treatment of diffuse and androgenic alopecia

Tatiana Korolkova (Russia)

Sponsored by Pierre Fabre

17:45 18:05
topical antioxidant therapy in trichology. Fullerene: first results and prospects

Larisa Safonova (Russia)

sponsored by Sovremennaya Kosmetsevtika

18:05 - 18:55 scalp lesions and neoplasms; methods of their removal
18:05 18:20
dermatoscopy of benign and malignant scalp lesions: basic diagnostic principles

Raymond Karls (Latvia)

18:20 18:35
methods of scalp neoplasm removal

Dmitry Kushkin (Russia)

18:35 18:50
from the clinician's experience: my findings on the scalp and eyebrows

Lesia Stelmakh (Ukraine)

18:50 18:55
Q&A session
19:00 20:00

welcome reception

from the platinum sponsor «Parusan»

registration, morning coffee
8:30 9:50

in memory of David Whiting. Part I

chairs: Andrei Panteleyev (Russia), Abraham Zlotogorsky (Israel), Antonella Tosti (USA)
8:30 8:40

Andrei Panteleyev (Russia)

8:40 8:55
what's new in hair diseases?

Abraham Zlotogorsky (Israel)

8:55 9:10
molecular and cellular mechanisms of the hair follicle cycle

Andrei Panteleev (Russia)

9:10 9:30
keynote lecture. chronic telogen effluvium: the true face

Antonella Tosti (USA)

9:30 9:45
synthesis of science and nature in solving the problems of diffuse hair loss

Svetlana Ledentsova (Russia)

sponsored by Dr. Theiss Naturwaren Rus

9:45 9:50
Q&A session
9:50 10:20

coffee break

10:20 11:30

in memory of David Whiting. Part II

chairs: Bianca Maria Piraccini (Italy), Yuval Ramot (Israel), Anna Lyakhovitsky (Israel)
10:20 10:40
keynote lecture. seborrheic dermatitis, pityriasis amiantacea, and sebopsoriasis

Bianca Maria Piraccini (Italy)

10:40 10:55
scalp psoriasis

Yuval Ramot (Israel)

10:55 11:10
psoriatic alopecia

Anna Lyakhovitsky (Israel)

11:10 11:25
erosive pustular dermatosis of the scalp

Michela Starace (Italy)

11:25 11:30
Q&A session
11:30 11:45

break 15 minutes

session III

11:45 12:25
interactive round-table discussion: Red Scalp

Antonella Tosti (USA), Bianca Maria Piraccini (Italy), Michela Starace (Italy), Abraham Zlotogorsky (Israel), Yuval Ramot (Israel), Anna Lyakhovitsky (Israel), Tatiana Silyuk (Russia)

12:25 12:45
keynote lecture. hair cloning: when?

Claire Higgins (Great Britain)

12:45 13:45

lunch (buffet)

13:45 15:05

session IV - «finasteride in the usual practice of trichologist»

chairs: Andrei Doroshkevich (Russia), Nikolai Goncharenko (Russia)
finasteride history:

mechanism of action, external forms and pills, fears of doctors and patients

a heart-to-heart discussion: how to offer an appointment to a patient;

my prescriptions, patient education

how to manage the Finasteride patient:

tests and their interpretation

what's the flaw? Postfinasteride syndrome

side effects and safety

briefly about Dutasteride
therapy: with fire and shield

sponsored by Merz

15:00 15:05
Q&A session
15:05 15:20


15:20 17:05

session V

сhairs: Vera Albanova (Russia), Margarita Skalnaia (Russia), Nikolay Naumov (Russia)
15:20 15:40
keynote lecture. microbiome and dandruff

Vera Albanova (Russia)

15:40 - 16:15  microelements and hair

15:40 16:00
the role of microelements in androgenetic alopecia, telogen effluvium and alopecia areata

Margarita Skalnaia (Russia)

16:00 16:10
hair mass spectrometry as part of the trichological minimum

Tatiana Silyuk (Russia)

16:10 16:15
Q&A session
16:15 - 17:05 hair transplantation and expander dermotension
16:15 16:30
hair transplantation: how I do it

Nikolai Naumov (Russia)

16:30 16:40
expander dermotension: how I do it

Olga Filippova (Russia)

16:40 16:50
patients' questions about transplantation: my answers

Svetlana Ledentsova (Russia)

16:50 17:00
Affiliate program

Irina Fevraleva (Russia)

17:00 17:05
Q&A session
17:05 17:35

coffee break

17:35 18:45

attention! parallel sessions!

session VI - 1 Room

сhairs: Ruta Barkauskaite (Lithuania), Maria Khaldina (Russia)
17:35 - 18:05 patient's psyche and physician's psyche: to normalize and preserve
17:35 17:48
diagnostic methods and options available to support patients with mental disorders in the practice of a trichologist

Anna Ivashkevich (Russia)

17:48 18:01
when the doctor is a messenger with bad news: how to communicate with incurable patients and withstand their negative emotions

Ruta Barkauskaite (Lithuania)

18:01 18:05
Q&A session
18:05 - 18:45 equipment-based methods of hair growth stimulation
18:05 18:30
Time To Grow program: a therapeutic approach to a patient with alopecia aggravated with chronic stress

Maria Khaldina (Russia)

sponsored of Time to Grow

18:20 18:30
a fresh approach. Resumption of hair growth with the use of 1565 nm fractional nonablative laser

Olga Yarish (Ukraine)

18:30 18:40
use of Er: YAG and Nd: YAG lasers in the treatment of male androgenic alopecia

Olga Korableva (Russia)

18:40 18:45
Q&A session
17:35 18:45

attention! parallel sessions!

session VI - 2 ROOM. Views, options, reviews

free communication to the topic
  • 1. Larica Rajapova (Russia)
  • 2. Maria Babushkina (Russia)
  • 3. Ekaterina Ivannikova (Russia)
  • 4. Aigul Ibatulina (Russia)
  • 5. Anastasia Mareeva (Russia)
  • 6. Alijon Baltabaev (Kirgistan)
19:00 22:00

The Gala dinner

from the congress organizer:
Russian Hair Research Society Association

registration, morning coffee
8:15 9:30

attention! parallel sessions!

sesion I - 1 ROOM

8:15 9:15
workshop: 1  hour about how I do my first consultation with a real patient. Live - Trichoscopy

Tatiana Silyuk (Russia)

9:15 9:30
interdisciplinary lecture: symptomatic hair loss with a disease of internal organs

Olga Tamrazova (Russia)

8:30 10:05

attention! parallel sessions!

sesion I - 2 ROOM

chairs: Irina Popova (Ukraine)
8:30 - 9:30 we have the All-Ukrainian Association of Trichologists
8:30 8:40
comorbidity. Alopecia areata

Irina Popova (Ukraine)

8:40 8:50
post-op care of patients with hair autotransplantation. Before and after

Denis Prokopovich (Ukraine)

8:50 9:00
obsessive-compulsive disorders in trichology. Puberty period

Anna Khaldeeva (Ukraine)

9:00 9:10
psychoemotional neurological manifestations in telogen effluvium

Iulia Sluchinskaia (Ukraine)

9:10 9:20
hair lesion and congenital scalp anomalies

Svetlana Diachuk (Ukraine)

9:20 9:30
how to start with care procedures in trichological centers: algorithm

Tatiana Melnichuk (Ukraine)

9:30 - 10:05 new therapy approaches
9:30 9:45
keynote lecture. proteoglycans - new alopecia therapy options

Elena Araviiskaia (Russia)

9:45 10:00
proteoglycan substitution therapy in trichological patients

Tatiana Silyuk (Russia)

sponsored by Glenmark

10:00 10:05
Q&A session
10:05 10:35

coffee break

10:35 12:30

session II

chairs: Evgeny Sokolovsky (Russia), Elena Araviiskaia (Russia)
10:35 - 11:40 dermatology and trychology: points of convergence. Department of Dermatology and Venereology of Pavlov First St.Petersburg State Medical University
10:35 10:50
seborrheic dermatitis: is it as simple as it seems?

Konstantin Monakhov (Russia)

10:50 11:05
syphilitic scalp lesions: to see and to know

Evgeny Sokolovsky (Russia)

11:05 11:20
scalp psoriasis: what's important to know?

Marianna Khobeish (Russia)

11:20 11:35
rare scalp dermatoses. Update for specialists

Elena Araviiskaia (Russia)

11:35 11:40
Q&A session
11:40 - 12:10 new and classical treatment options for scalp inflammatory diseases
11:40 11:55
role of retinoids in treatment of seborrheic dermatitis

Vera Albanova (Russia)

Sponsored by Retinoidy

11:55 12:05
differential diagnosis of seborrheic dermatitis and psoriatic lesion of the scalp. Tactics

Marianna Khobeish (Russia)

sponsored by Ducray

12:05 12:10
Q&A session
12:10 12:30
keynote lecture: hair follicle stem cells: maintaining and enabling modern cellular technology

Ekaterina Vorotelyak (Russia)

12:30 13:30

lunch (buffet)

13:30 15:05

session III

chairs: Andrei Panteleyev (Russia), Ekaterina Voroteliak (Russia), Vera Albanova (Russia)
13:30 - 14:35 «how to save a follicle in cicatricial alopecia»

Svetlana Ledentsova (Russia), Nikolai Goncharenko (Russia), Tatiana Silyuk (Russia), Andrei Doroshkevich (Russia)

  • trichoscopic signs for scar alopecia:

    causes and predictions

  • follicular lichen planus:

    classic form and frontal fibrosing alopecia

  • FAPD
  • discoid lupus erythematosus
  • folliculitis decalvans
  • Brocq Pseudopelade
14:30 14:35
Q&A session
14:35 15:05
minoxidil: a universial soldier of trichology
14:35 14:50
minoxidil: what don't we think about despite being asked?

Nikolai Goncharenko (Russia)

Sponsored by Alerana

14:50 15:00
optimization of concomitant antiagreg therapy with topical use of Minoxidil

Veronika Iazliuk (Russia)

15:00 15:05
Q&A session
15:05 15:35

coffee break

15:35 16:40

session IV - «brows - also hair. What are disorders and how to treat?»

(Tatiana Silyuk (Russia), Svetlana Ledentsova (Russia), Nikolai Goncharenko (Russia))

chairs: Dzhamila Pulatova (Uzbekistan), Andrei Doroshkevich (Russia)
  • what do we know about eyebrows
  • eyebrow diseases
  • eyebrow trichoscopy
  • eyebrow alopecia treatment
  • eyebrow transplantation
16:35 16:40
Q&A session
16:40 17:40

session V - competitive session of clinical cases

chairs: Vera Albanova (Russia), Evgeny Sokolovsky (Russia)
  • alopecia areata and celiac disease - an example of polymorbidity

    Anastasiya Ivanova (Russia)

  • to the question of appropriate diagnosis of cicatricial alopecia

    Zwlfïya Djetpïsbaeva (Kazakhstan)

  • metastasis of breast cancer in the skin of the scalp

    Anastasiya Mareyeva (Russia)

  • focal alopecia as a manifestation of type I autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome

    Veronika Yazlyuk (Russia)

  • severe linear scleroderma

    Mariya Babushkina (Russia)

  • syphilitic alopecia: clinical signs, trichoscopic signs

    Anastasiya Mareyeva (Russia)

17:40 18:10

awarding of winners, conclusion, future RHRS plans

Tatiana Silyuk (Russia), Andrei Panteleev (Russia), Evgeny Sokolovsky (Russia), Vera Albanova (Russia)